Trust, passion, love, expert knowledge, and enthusiasm for music and musicians are the basis of our work.

In 1984 Elisabeth Ehlers and Lothar Schacke founded the KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig as a small, sophisticated agency very close to the newly built arts centre in the Gasteig district of Munich. Right from the beginning the intention was to have an exclusive list of select singers, instrumentalists and conductors who would be given close, individual and personal consultations, and whose careers in Germany and internationally would be planned and shaped in line with their wishes. The entire team of our artists’ agency still feels committed to this aim, even though the list of artists has in the meantime grown considerably.

As the link between artists and organizers we are especially keen to engage in personal consultations with our business partners as well as to ensure the reliable handling of the arranged engagements and good cooperation with record companies and the press.

In over 30 years the KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig has gradually and continuously expanded, first in the Franziskanerstrasse, then on the Rosenheimer Platz. In 2012 Verena Vetter became the third partner in the agency where she had first gained experience in arts management. New, larger offices were necessary and found in 2013 in the Mongelasstrasse in Bogenhausen, where, since then, lied and chamber music concerts can take place as final rehearsals, or CD presentations can be made.

Still situated on the River Isar and also still near a steep incline (gacher Steig = Gasteig), the agency rightly continues to use its original name.