Blomstedt’s conception is expansive, distilling a breathtaking stillness: Schubert as visionary, dreaming the Romantic symphony into being. ... Blomstedt’s Eighth and Ninth, ... infuse a lifetime’s collected wisdom, experience and affection into a rather special recording.
David Threasher, Gramophone, 09/2022

Blomstedt ist das genaue Gegenteil eines Manipulators. Er setzt auf Unmittelbarkeit, verzichtet auch gern auf den Stab, dirigiert am liebsten ohne Pult - auf Augenhöhe, nahbar. Mit seiner menschlichen Offenheit beim Musizieren erreicht er die Herzen. Gerade die Verletzlichkeit des Alters hat diese kommunikative Stärke noch sichtbarer gemacht.
Bernhard Neuhoff, Bayerischer Rundfunk, 04.06.2022 

The music-making of elderly conductors can sometimes be either lofty or slow, sometimes both. Neither quality applies to Blomstedt. ...his conduting in old age radiates both flow and glow. Blomstedt does not force or underline the music, he releases it. But the attentiveness to pulse, phrasing and dynamics are unflagging. There is something to learn from his handling of every transition in the score. 
Martin Kettle, The Guardian, 28.05.2022

His conducting strives to create a space in which the numinous world can be accessed right here on Earth. And even while performing, he seems to find an almost boyish sense of wonder in the art form's elemental radiance. Many musicians talk the talk of humbly serving music, but Blomstedt appears to mean it. He has lived this approach. And orchestras can tell the difference.
Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe, 18.02.2022