Ray Chen


“Chen crashes through any supposed barriers erected around classical music with his playing.”
San Diego Union Tribune, “Chen and symphony energizing”, James Chute, 15. Mai 2015

“Chen is that rara avis among rising classical stars, a superlative virtuoso who also happens to be a thoroughgoing artist.”
Chicago Tribune, “Fiddle virtuoso, choral rarity lend cachet to Ravinia, Grant Park shows”, John von Rhein, 30. Juli 2017

“Ray Chen is a paradox: the epitome of cool, yet a man with a zany, anarchic and public sense of humour, combined in a world-class violin virtuoso with a technique of fire and ice.”
The Sydney Morning Herald, "Ray Chen: The Armani-sponsored virtuoso violinist who is a social media star”, Barney Zwartz, 27. Oktober 2017