"Renaud Capuçon navigates this tricky musical terrain with a disarming sureness of touch, his silvery tonal purity combining with a tantalising Gallic restraint that captures the very essence of Elgar’s nobilmente creative personality. And when the notes start flying, he retains absolute musical composure, most notably in the finale’s extended cadenza-reminiscences, which emerge as gentle nostalgic flutterings free of self-conscious pyrotechnical chicanery."
Julian Haylock, “Gallic elegance brings a fresh perspective to these introspective works” [Recording Elgar Violin Concerto with London Symphony Orchestra/Sir Simon Rattle], in: The Strad, 27.04.2021.

"Renaud Capuçon was a riveting soloist in Dvorak’s Violin Concerto. The violin
essentially leads the orchestra through the rhapsodic first movement, playing restless
lines that shift from searching lyricism to impetuous brilliance. Mr. Capuçon and the
orchestra were inspired in the Finale, a dancing, sometimes impish movement full of
sudden, startling dark bursts."
Anthony Tommasini, "An Orchestra Opens Its Mouth, and Sings. The Budapest Festival Orchestra and Ivan Fischer prove once again that they’re one of the world’s truly special ensembles”, in: New York Times, 25.02.2020

"This release demonstrates that modern instruments still have a place in Bach
performance [...] these players' qualities shine through in their balancing of voices [...]
their repartee in the various episodes, their use of dynamic gradation to shape
phrasing and convey each movement's overall architecture, and the subtlety of their
Robin Stowell, “Beautifully balanced modern-instrument interpretations” [Bach Sonatas Recording with David Fray], in: The Strad, 30.05.2019

"Capuçon ist zu einem großen Geiger modernen Zuschnitts herangereift: Sein Ton ist
süß, wird aber nie klebrig triefend, er phrasiert mit schlanker Eleganz und großer
["Capuçon has matured into a great modern-style violinist: his tone is sweet, but never
sticky, he phrases with sleek elegance and great cleanliness."]
Walter Weidringer, "Vom Gipfel weg schnurstracks ins Grab. Jubelstürme in Salzburg für Tschaikowskys Klaviertrio mit Trifonov, Capuçon und Hagen“, in: Die Presse, 11.08.2018